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Mother & Son

Enjoy the Simple Moments!

I would like to dedicate this to all the mothers out there. As a mother myself, I like many of you experience many different emotions that come with being a mom. Parenting has its challenges but at the end of the day those challenges are small in comparison to the pleasure that comes with seeing your child smile!

My son is 8 years old. I have enjoyed every age with my son. Every step of the way has been a learning experience for both him and I. Being a mother has been the most amazing thing that I have experienced in my life. The love for a child can not be explained.

I love watching my friends have children because you see the spark in their eye as they feel the bond. When my girlfriends and I get together it is so interesting to me to see how their lives have changed since they have become a mom.

Although you don’t get as much time to yourself as a mother, you really only “raise” your child for a short period. You need to do what you can in that time. I strive to raise my son to be a respectful, honest, polite person. I can only give him the tools to be the best that he can be. Eventually it will be up to him what he does with the lessons I have taught him. He is and will be his own person and I may not agree with some of the decisions he makes along the line but I need to be there for him. That’s what being a mother is about. Doing the best you can with the short time you have to mold your child and then pray for the best.

My son is an amazing child that seems to know just what to say to melt me. The other morning I woke up early and was working on my computer. About an hour later he woke up and came looking for me. When he found me in the dining room, he said “Mom I wanted to cuddle with you in your bed.” I said that I was in the middle of something and he just gave me a look that I couldn’t resist. I dropped everything and went and laid down with him. All he wanted was a simple five minutes of mom time.

I am sure I am not the only one that gets caught up in a million things and when your child asks you for something you respond with “Not now,” “Maybe later,” or “I’m busy.” We need to be mindful and realize that taking 5 minutes away from what you’re doing is not going to bother anyone. Be present in your child’s life. These memories you are building now, will stay with them forever.

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers, Grandmothers, Great-Grandmothers, Godmothers, & Stepmothers!

Ang ♥


So I sit here today pondering many different things… Why do people act the way they do? How can someone who loves you talk bad about you & why?

I stop myself and remember the Serenity Prayer…. I need the Serenity to accept what I can not change. I can not change what people say about me I can only control how I respond. Currently, I am going through a divorce and it has been brought to my attention that my soon to be ex husband is saying things about me that really hurt. I am a mother of a wonderful 8 year old son anSerenity Prayerd he is saying things that make people think badly about me as a mother. Anyone that truly knows me, knows that being a mother is so precious to me.

When people say things about the way you are as a parent it really hurts. I don’t believe he is intentionally trying to hurt me but it does. Divorce is never easy and in this situation I am the one who actually made the final decision. We tried to make things work or at least from my point of view we did. At the end of the day, it just did not work out. We are two very different people with very different outlooks on life. Throughout it all my main goal was to make sure my son was not hurt by this. He is and always will be my number one priority.

Over the past month, I have really seen my husband’s true colors. As I mentioned he has been talking to people about me and how I am as a parent. (My son is from a previous marriage.) It amazes me what has been said and to avoid making matters worse with him, I choose not to disclose this on here. Bottom line is that if someone says they love you, why would they bad mouth you?

He has been begging to try one more time or as he says “Its the bottom of the inning and there are two outs, and I am up at bat, three strikes and I’m out and I will leave you alone.” He likes to use analogies when discussing things. 🙂

I believe my husband is a genuinely good person and has so much to offer. Unfortunately, we don’t see eye to eye on many things and I know in my heart that it is best to go our separate ways.

Again this brings me to the Serenity Prayer. I ask God/Universe/Higher Power … whatever you want to refer to it as.. for the Serenity to accept the things that I cannot change and Wisdom to know the difference. I cannot change my husband, or what he has to say about me. The only thing I can do is be the best person, mother, daughter, friend… that I can be.

As you read this I am sure there has been a time when someone has said something to hurt you, remember that you only can control yourself. As they say, This too shall pass….

♥ Ang

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